Camino #1 – The Idea

This is my first post on my plans to walk a Camino next Spring. I made the decision to at least think about walking a Camino last month. Since then I have:

1. Joined several FB groups to gather information.

2. Ordered and received four books – one for each of the four most popular caminos.

3. Bought a merino wool singlet. I needed to replace one that never returned from the wash – I live in a crazy house!

4. Received and started reading a book my sister-in-law gave me, “The Gathering Place.” It’s about one woman’s journey on the Camino France´s in 2020. It’s a wonderful book. 

5. Started training.

Today I walked 9.1 kms. I did stop for coffee and a danish – there go any pounds I might have lost from walking!! I also developed a blister. Did I mention that I was carrying a 6lb backpack. Now I need to increase my distances and the weight of my pack.

I am also madly trying to find information about elevations. I would like to know what 250m of elevation looks like in real life. I think I found that 115m of elevation is the rise out of Mud Creek and maybe 160m of elevation is the rise out of the Sherwood Park ravine. I’m not sure about these, though.

I would like to get an idea of the difficulty of various climbs on any of the caminos. I guess, I’ll just have to wing it (If only I could 🙂 )

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