The Camino Within

Tarek Riman is a Lebanese Canadian, who quit his job in Montreal, at the age of 27, to bike the Camino FranceĀ“s. It’s a quick read. This book is more of a guide to – How to Lead a Better Life – then a real Camino journey.

The author speeds through several Caminos, logging over 100kms a day, even though one of his maxims is to slow down and enjoy life. There are 43 chapters in this book – maybe he shouldn’t have added the last “bonus chapter,” then there would have been just 42 – the meaning of life. It would have been a fit because every chapter is a “rule” or at least one of his rules to live by, in order to lead a more fulfilling life. Every adage is backed up by an event on one of Tarek’s Caminos.

The format is repetitious, his ego is overwhelming, and his experiences on the Camino(s) are there merely as examples of his philosophy. I usually try to find a good reason why someone should read a particular book. In this case if you need a reminder about how to lead a fulfilling life, then please read the book. I have to remind myself that the author is 27 and I am 79. I’m close to having fulfilled my life and he is just starting out. I should not be so judgmental – another one of his mottos. We do, though in spite of all I have said, share one of my favourite sayings, “Do something everyday that scares you.” I don’t always manage to do this, and I should. I’m happy to have the reminder.

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