The Camino

I suppose I shouldn’t start by saying that this was my least favourite book of all the books I have listed here. That being said, I think you should read it, if only to say, “I read it and didn’t like it.”

Now, I love Shirley MacLaine, the actress and I can also accept her “new age” ideas of past lives. Why, my sister is a reader of people’s past lives. However, to fill chapter after chapter of a book on your Camino journey with on-going discussions in the court of Charlemange, as a Jewish, Christian, Muslim young woman was something I had real trouble with.

Yes, at the age of 60 in 1990, the author walked the Camino FranceĀ“s and for the most part it appears finished it. Albeit she had to dodge the paparazzi and celebrity seekers all the way, especially in Santiago – no pilgrim mass for you.

Maybe celebrities aren’t that lucky. They can never be an everyman, a non-descript Charlie Brown. They have their crosses or at least their stars to bear.

The Camino was well written, even the weird parts, but to be honest I skimmed pages and pages of drivel.

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