The Gathering Place

My sister-in-law sent me this book from Edinburgh when I first told her I was planning to walk a Camino. She wasn’t interested in doing an extended walk herself, but she is always interested in reading about women who take on challenges. The author, Mary Colwell, who was born in Scotland, has done many challenging walks, some for environmental reasons – the decline of the Curlew and others for personal challenges – The John Muir Way.

The Gathering Place is a very well written account of the author’s completion of the Camino FranceĀ“s in 2020. Although she was not alone, given the pandemic, she definitely did not incur the crowds that many have since.

The book not only describes the historical significance of The Way, it also recounts current events that have added to the continuing importance of the pilgrimage. Enriching every step were stories from the author’s personal life which related to many special moments on the trail.

Mary Colwell stayed in hostels, carried her own pack, met other interesting pilgrims and completed a challenging journey of deep emotional significance.

I really enjoyed The Gathering Place and definitely recommend it.

Buen Camino!

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