Camino #3 – Expenses

I’ve started to track my expenses for my intended Camino walk in 2024 – Time marches on! 

So far I have purchased:

1. a backpack for $72.00 – on sale from $89.00

2. a pair of running shoes for $40.00 – on sale from $80.00

3. a camisole from Decathlon that is 95% merino. It was also on sale for $35.00

4. 4 guide books by John Brierley for a total $120.00

I actually found – around the house a “fanny” pack that is larger than the one I have always used for travelling. I needed the larger one because I will now have to carry my phone. In the past my late husband always dealt with the communications. Clearly I am not a natural communicator – on the phone anyway!

I signed up for Capital One discount coupons because I may get some discounts on airfares, accommodation and clothing. I intend to just take merino wool based tops and bottoms because I am told that they are very light weight, fold down to “nothing” and can be washed by hand and dry overnight. Although they are expensive, I understand they last forever!! So I guess I will be able to pass them on!!

Buen Camino

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