Camino #35 – Maps

I’ve sent this map to family and I haven’t forgotten my Camino family here. I am taking the path closest to the ocean. I’ll post where I am and hopefully you can follow along.

The map is from the Brierley guide book for the Portuguese Camino.

Follow the Blue dotted road

My first night will be in Matosinhos which is marked at the bottom near Porto. I arrive in Porto the morning of Thursday April 4. I plan to take a train to the cathedral, get my stamp, say a prayer, have breakfast and then walk down to the river- the Douro- and then walk 13kms to Matosinhos where I have booked a six person dorm.

It looks like rain for a good bit of the time but I’m not dismayed. It will give everyone something to talk about.

Buen Camino

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