Camino #56 – A Day in Santiago

I was a little disoriented today. There was no structure. I did not have to walk anywhere, do anything or organize anything. I just had to be!

I knew I wanted to buy some gifts to take home. I had to buy fruit for both my four hour bus journey back to Porto and for breakfast because the bus leaves at 9:30am so nothing will be open that early for food.

I also wanted to take a picture of the cathedral late afternoon to get the sun on it.

Finding a fruit market was a challenge. There are easily 100 gift shops to every grocery store in Santiago. When I finally found the supermarket, the entry aisles were stocked with wine. I had to weave my way to the back of the store for two apples and a banana. This is a city of tourist. That being said, it is a lovely place to just “hang out” in. I would come back again.

Last night I was tired and passed on having dinner with friends. I slept for twelve hours. I didn’t bump into anyone I knew today and that was OK. I needed a day of rest.

I do have to mention the hotel I’m in though. It’s like a boutique hotel for 60 euros a night. It’s very small, close to everything and the walls of the bathroom are all glass. It’s obviously just for one person. I have a small balcony in a very comfortable space. I almost hate to leave, but I am missing everyone at home.

Be there soon

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