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OK. I’ve been home now for almost two months I haven’t posted because there were several directives from the Camino that had to be fulfilled. Please let me explain. When I first decided to walk a Camino, I knew I wanted answers to a number of questions that required some thought and some introspection. The only way I knew to get an impartial answer was to formulate these questions into directives and to let the cosmos(Camino) advise me.

I knew I had to spend some time away from my regular routines and out of my usual environment to get these impartial answers. I opened my soul to the spiritual power of the Camino and I listened. One of the questions I asked the Camino was, “Should I sell my house?”

The Camino said, “Perfect your garden.” I walked a perfect Camino. I had one day of rain. I spent all those gloriously sunny days looking at gardens – abandoned gardens that I wanted to repair – farm gardens that I hoped would flourish and flower gardens that I wanted for myself. I knew then that I could not sell my house, until I had perfected my own garden. It’s a long story, which I will share soon. I think it was the Camino telling me that it was too soon to give up something physically demanding. In fact, I needed to channel both my physical and spiritual energy into something that was long term, artistically rewarding and grounding. “To plant a garden is to plan for the future.”

May was spent planting new beds. There was the new Rhododendron bed under the false cypress – not ideal, but it looks like it’s working. I then removed plants, re-arranged plants, bought new plants for other areas of what was once a vegetable and rose garden, but now has to be a shade garden. I live besides Philistines, who have blocked my south light. The Camino said, “Make the best of what you have.” I’m half way there. I can’t move for a few years, because I have to see my work come to fruition. I love this quotation, “Life began in a garden.” In fact for me, life continues through a garden.

The second question I asked of the Camino was, “What should I do for the next ten years, or however long I am spared?” Even before I started walking, the Camino said, “Close your business.” I had a small wholesale distributorship of products to craft stores. I have enjoyed running my small business for almost thirty years. However, it was time to close, for all the right reasons. I will miss everyone I have met and worked with over the years, but I needed to be free to pursue new directions.

Tonight the Camino presented me with a new trail. I had been toying with walking the Camino Ingles from Reading, UK. If I decide to take on this challenge, it will be in the Fall of ’25. This means, of course I will have to walk(train) for the next year to be fit enough for the hike. I’m sure by then I will have more questions to ask of the Camino. “I walk; therefore I am.” – at least for the moment anyway.

Buen Camino – Enjoy your journeys.

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