Camino #58 – Porto 2

Today is my last day in Porto. I started out with breakfast at the hostel which was free. I then walked to the metro station “Trinidad” which is where you get the train to the airport. It’s about 10mins away. I just wanted to make sure and it gave me a reason to walk a little in the city.

I then decided to walk again to the cathedral and take in a few back streets, which were very busy at 9:30am. I wasted some time at a cafe near my hostel and then came in to waste more time editing photos etc. in the common area of the hostel. I’m not a big must see this and that type of person. If it crosses my path, I’m in awe. OK, I see a lot of pigeons, maybe not so much in awe 🫢

For lunch, I went back to the French restaurant around the corner for carpaccio of octopus. It was amazing. I had a glass and a half of wine – I still had to print out my boarding pass, which wasn’t available for printing btw – I hate it when this happens.

Back street Porto

So I am back at the hostel relaxing in their common room. I chatted to a couple from the US – she is from FL and he is from MN – I guess the twain met somewhere – It will be her 2nd Camino and his first. I was a little nostalgic, remembering setting out 3 weeks ago myself.

Sometimes in a quiet moment, I hate the thought of leaving Europe. I love my home in Canada, but there is a vibe here that is difficult to describe. I think I just have to be grateful that I have been given the time and opportunity to spend vacations here over the years.

Leaving soon

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