Camino #26 – Adult Toy Stores

Yes, this probably brings some images to mind. Hmmmm, not those types of stores. No my type of adult toy store is an outdoor equipment emporium. Somehow I never tire of looking at gadgets to make your life easier in the wild – maybe a contradiction in itself, but I am a gadget person.

Today I went to a shopping mall. I haven’t been to a mall in years. However, I needed to go to an Apple store to see about buying a refurbished IPad. I had to make sure that it would fit into my keyboard case and that it would connect via Bluetooth with my old keyboard. Unfortunately, nothing worked. So I left the store and saved myself $500.00.

I knew there was an outdoor equipment store in this mall, so having saved a ton of money by not buying a refurbished IPad, I decided that I could splurge on a few things that were still on my Camino list. First, I found a waterproof cover for my backpack for $14.99. This is in case I decide to leave my poncho at home. Then, I found a neat little water bottle for $7.99 with a clip that allows it to hang from my backpack and I finally found a headlamp. OK, I wasn’t actually going to buy a headlamp. I decided that I would just leave later from the hostels. But there it was for $9.99. It was small, light and it just sort of begged to be bought! Now I can leave at 5:00AM like the rest of the crazies and not trip on a tree root and die!! I didn’t, however, find any waterproof holders for my passport or credential, so I just decided to use a ziplock bag and be done with it – saved even more money.

The biggest discovery of all, though was the fact that my Iphone will connect to the keyboard that I have so I don’t need a new IPad – less weight – more money saved. The Camino provides!!

The picture is of that cute little water bottle.

Buen Camino

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