Camino #25 – I did it!!

Today I walked 20kms with my backpack. I have walked 20 kms before, but 10kms were with my pack and 10 without. Today I did a Camino walk – 20kms with my pack. I did 10kms in the morning; had lunch and repeated my morning walk for another 10kms. I really wasn’t that tired at the end and there was no pain. However, after sitting for about 20 minutes, I couldn’t move!!

I could barely get out of my chair. I had to crawl upstairs to the bathroom. My left heel ached, my legs where mush and I was in pain. Ironically, though the more I moved the better I felt. I decided to make dinner before sitting down again. At first I had to slide my left foot along the floor because of the pain in my heel, but eventually that went away too. Tomorrow will be a rest day, to be sure!!

I also decided to do the math. The Portuguese Camino with spiritual variant is 375kms. I have 22 days between flights to and from Porto. If I divide 375 รท 20 (I need a day to get back to Porto) I will have to walk 18.75kms a day to do the spiritual variant. This is not a race. Anything can happen. I’m just being practical. I wish I had booked for four weeks, but the Air Transat flight schedule being what it was funnelled me into three weeks and I didn’t think of adding an extra week – brain freeze. Anyway, it is what it is. Even truncated, it will be amazing.

Buen Camino

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