Camino #18 – Kill your Darlings

This is a term used in the publishing industry, when something in a book or an article just doesn’t work. It might be a character, an item of interest or a bit of ideology that the writer wants to include, but really shouldn’t. At this point an editor will say, “Kill your darlings.”

It works with backpacks as well. My pack is now 10lbs and I haven’t added a sleeping bag – 2lbs. I really want to keep my weight at 10lbs. My knees and my hips really want me to keep my weight at 10lbs, so I may have to kill some darlings.

  1. Should I ditch my Teva sandals, which I didn’t have time to break in, even though a change of shoes is always recommended and what would I wear when I have to take my shoes off when I enter a hostel?
  2. Do I forget about my rain poncho because I will be taking a waterproof jacket anyway?
  3. Do I switch out my Turkish towel for one of those micro-fibered ones?
  4. I could leave out one of my Joe fresh cotton dresses (Very inexpensive, but well made. I buy them in a grocery store) I was going to take two. They are exactly the same. I could argue that one was a nightdress and the other a daydress. I mean people do pack sleepwear. OK, yes this is one of my darlings. I love the dress(es).
  5. Do I decide to book accommodation that has at least blankets and forget about the sleeping bag?
  6. Yes, OK, here is another darling – my IPad. Do I decide that I can post to this blog on my phone and forget about the convenience of a better keyboard and a larger interface?

I have to get my pack weight down. I thought I could do most of my clothes in merino, but one full day of a merino camisole told me that I have to wear cotton against my very sensitive skin. Cotton is twice the weight and volume of merino. I also have not included a hoodie, as many have recommended.

Time to bring out the scales and the “paring” knives. Darling, here I come.

Buen Camino

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