Camino #23 – 20kms at last

I’ve been walking my way up to a 20kms day. I plan to walk between 15 and 20kms each day in order to complete the Portuguese Camino, with possibly the spiritual variant (an extra 3-4days) in 20 days, with a day left over to get back to Porto for my flight home. I wanted to make sure that I could actually walk 20 kms in one day. Last week, I managed 17kms with my backpack combining two separate trails, with a break in between for lunch. Yesterday I walked Mud Creek twice – the first time with my backpack and the second time without – Mud Creek return is a 10kms hike.

The rewards of walking

Somehow, the only way I could force myself out the door for the second 10kms stretch was to do it without my 8lbs backpack. How I managed 17 kms with my pack the week before and couldn’t even think of it yesterday is what training for the Camino and the Camino itself is all about – some days are good and some days aren’t.

Just a short post today to mark a milestone – 20kms. I was tired and a little slow by the end, but there was no specific pain, other than the usual and constant pain of old bones, muscles and joints. I’m not about to turn back the clock, I just want to keep pace with it!!

Buen Camino

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