Camino #24 – The Power of Hmmmm….

My daughter asks me everyday, if I have “done my walk.” It’s a little like the times years ago when I would ask her, “Have you done your homework?” This is where the “Hmmm…” comes in. In school her answer to my question might have been “Hmmmm…yes?” Where upon, I might answer, “Hmmmm, what does that mean?” Now the tables have turned.

I haven’t done my homework in two days. Yesterday I took a day off, because I had “things” to do at work. Today I took a day off, because I had finished a computer class last night and I wanted to work on my website. I know she will ask and her reaction will be, “Hmmmm,” when I say, “No.”

Actually, she’s been in a great mood lately and we’ve had some interesting conversations. She even offered to send me a link to Joni Mitchell’s performance at the Grammies. This time she found the common ground. Part of our improved relationship, I’m sure, is that I have been walking and preparing for this adventure. It compresses the age gap. There is almost 50 years between us. Fortunately my answer to “appearing” young is to do some extended walking rather than wearing more makeup.

Tomorrow, it will be 13ÂșC and if it doesn’t rain, I’ll be out very early to do, at least, a 10kms walk. I can only take the “Hmmms……..” for so long. Maybe I’ll hummm along to my music, as well.

Buen Camino

PS. The site isn’t quite finished, but I’ve been able to get it a little closer to what I want. I’ll keep you posted!!

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