Camino #48 – Heading to Vigo

Between Baiona and Vigo there are fewer hostels to fill in the shorter walks. Instead of taking a rest day in Baiona, as some were, I decided to do just a 9km walk to Nigran.

My walk was mainly on narrow mountain roads, which wound through a sprawl of small villages. It had significant ascents and descents, so I was quite tired when I saw the sign for a pensione. I decided to take a room, with a private bath at just 35euros. I saw a pile of backpacks and realized that this was one of the inns where people, who used tour companies, stayed and had their packs forwarded.

This pensione was mainly a restaurant, which was almost fully booked, given it was a Sunday afternoon. They did find a table for me and I had a lovely tomato salad, with breaded chicken cutlet and chips – everything comes with chips. With two glasses of wine, it was delicious.

I hung out my laundry that hadn’t dried yesterday. In fact, yesterday even my dry clothes were damp. I forgot that living by the sea has it’s own challenges. Walking everyday makes you appreciate staying in and not going anywhere. I relaxed, added photos to my posts, amused myself on Facebook and went to bed early. I will have to fix a link to the “Gallery” heading on my site. I can do it on a larger computer, because my phone isn’t showing me the full url of the pages, so it isn’t easy to shift them around. Thank you for your patience.

I’ve actually booked another small pensione for tonight. It’s starting to get busy on this Camino, as we get closer to Vigo, which has an airport. It’s 14kms away, but at least I don’t have the anxiety of worrying where I am going to stay. I just have to hope that I can find the hotel – sigh.

Buen Camino

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