Camino #49 – A Taxi Day

Today started out amazingly well. The ascents I was dreading through the forest were manageable and the entire walk was lovely. Only 3 hikers passed me. I was on the original route, however, the council had created another route, which has no signage as yet. It can be accessed via GPS, so maybe all the other pilgrims went there.

After a lovely walk in the woods, I had to deal with the sprawl of Vigo. Fortunately, I was given a diversion through a park, as I hoped to find my hotel. It wasn’t showing up on any of the apps, nor were there any signs to it. Finally I gave up and called them. They were no where near the camino route I was following. I asked them to send a cab for me. It was difficult to describe exactly where I was. “Well, I’m in a park, by a river, a bridge and a fountain.” The cab found me and for 10.00euros brought me to a gorgeous hotel.

The room for tonight is 46.00euros which includes breakfast and they do offer a 3 course dinner with wine for 16.00euros. Tomorrow I’m booked into a small hostel for 17.00 euros. I’ve enjoyed my own room, but I miss the other pilgrims and I do need to rein in my spending 🙂

I’m using to reserve accommodation a day ahead, as the Portuguese central route merges with the coastal route just outside of Vigo, so there is more competition for accommodation.

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