Camino #6 – Tickets

Lots happening today!! 

First, I made contact with a travel agent. The agent we have always used is just doing Tahiti now. (I know, it’s a tough life!) However, he referred me to a travel agent (female) in NB, who had planned to do a Camino in 2020, but had to cancel because of Covid. She seems like a kindred soul.

I had been online to check out airfares. TAP, the Portuguese airline, had some great fares from Toronto to Porto with a change in Lisbon for $375.00 CAD. I know this is the basic straitjacket fare – make any changes and you are screwed. My travel agent suggested upgrading to something that allowed some flexibility. I agreed. I will pay $100.00 for her to purchase a return ticket for me and she will do a lot of research and be available 24/7 (or thereabouts) to help me if I need it. I will not have to call the airline, if there is a problem.

I will also buy medical insurance for around $500.00 for just under 4 weeks from her. My visa card covers me for $1,500.00 of trip cancellation insurance, lost luggage etc. So I don’t think that I will buy extra trip cancellation insurance.

The next major happening was the arrival of my two online clothing purchases. The first, from Joe Fresh, was a 100% merino, long sleeved woman’s pullover. It cost me, with tax and shipping $42.13. Most on-line merino tops are over $100.00US before tax and shipping. This was a deal. I had considered buying another one and cutting down the sleeves to make a T-shirt, but the fabric is too nice to cut. I may pop into Joe Fresh and see if they have them in store and maybe even on sale.

My second purchase was a coat from Eddie Bauer that was $145.77 with tax and shipping. It is actually 3 coats. 1. The outer shell is a water proof thin layer for milder days. 2. The inner quilted (button-in) lining can be used on its own as a hoodie (without the hood). I also plan to use this layer instead of a sleeping bag. 3. Put them both together and you have a very warm coat.

I’m wavering now between the Portuguese route and the FranceĀ“s route from Sarria. It’s mainly because the connections from Porto are so much more direct to Tui. The saga continues.

The picture? Mud Creek from my regular 10kms walks.

Buen Camino.

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