Camino #7 – More Gear

Lots more happening today, as well. This is the ebb and flow of holiday preparation. There are times when a whole lot happens and then there are weeks when nothing happens. I’ll ride the waves of a lot happening and walk to fill in the down time!!

1. I went back to Decathlon to return a hat and a pullover that just didn’t fit. My refund was about $100.00. I purchased a silk sleeping sheet – $60.00. It’s a hostel “thing.” Somehow, when I was staying in youth hostels many years ago, I was supposed to have had a sleeping sheet. It’s like having your own sheets, so you don’t sleep on the “used” mattresses with nothing between you and God knows what!! Hmmm, not sure I ever had one, or even cared. However, being older and wiser (a moot point) I’ve decided, I need to distance myself from the previous occupant of the hostel bed I may be sleeping in, with just the thinnest layer of silk. Also, bed bugs don’t like silk – so I am told – we’ll see. It’s going to be an adventure.

I also bought a poncho with sleeves. I coveted one online that was the creme de la creme of rain ponchos. It was about $75.00US and it shipped from Spain. Of course, if I had ordered it, it would never rain!! Tempting, as it was, I knew my luck wouldn’t hold, so I bought a $35.00 poncho from Decathlon – believe me; it’s gonna rain!! OK, yes, I have a $5.00 poncho from Canadian Tire that saw us through a day of torrential rain while biking in the Laurentians. Meh, I wanted one with sleeves that would go over my backpack. Done!

2. I picked a flight schedule, from a few, offered by my travel agent. The easiest and cheapest was a direct flight from Toronto to Porto with Air Transat. I lost a few days at the beginning and end of the trip, because of their schedule, so I am now basically down to 3 weeks. That’s OK. I often get bored after two weeks, so three is OK and four might have been pushing it!! My total outlay for return trip and travel agent input is $1,137.27. I will add on the medical insurance later.

I now have to decide whether to do the full Portuguese camino from Porto – 250kms or take the bus to Tui and do the last 100kms to Santiago. 

My brain was overloaded. The sun came out, so I decided to do a 10km walk to the Brickworks and back. It’s a good excuse to do nothing except walk, listen to music, enjoy the great weather and have a coffee at Picnic CafeĀ“. I even made a full spaghetti dinner, with meatballs and Cesar salad when I got home, even though my feet hurt.

“Say not the struggle naught availeth.”

The picture – Mud Creek near the end of October. I think I have found my Eden!

Buen Camino!

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