Camino #50 – a Taxi Morning

Because my hotel was so far from the path, I called for a taxi to take me back to where I had left the trail yesterday. Unfortunately, although I could bring up the location last night on my phone, I couldn’t this morning. I could show the driver the little bend in the path, but no names. He suggested a spot on the Camino a little further along.

I think that he knew all along where I wanted to go, but decided that I was better off where he dropped me, because, I was almost out of Vigo and already on the mountain, thus avoiding a very exhausting climb. It was also a 13euro fare, as opposed to a 7euro one.

There is a saying, “The Camino gives you what you need, not what you want.” I wanted to be authentic and not take a taxi, but the Camino had other ideas. I’m not complaining. I really disliked Vigo.

Once on the mountain path, I had an easy walk through the forest and on to Redondelo – 13kms away. I met Alex and Martine from a few days ago. They both stopped for a chat and then had to speed on because they were going much further along.

Vigo from Distance

Tonight I’m staying in a small hostel with just 8 beds – no bunks. There’s an equal mix of male and female hikers in this very new, very clean accommodation.

I had lunch here today – coffee and a open-face sandwich of avocado and tomato on a baguette. Tonight, I’ll have a pilgrim meal at another restaurant, which serves all day. I’ll keep you posted.

Buen Camino

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