Camino #51 – Dinner Time in Spain

In Redondelo, I was hoping to have a 3 course dinner in the evening at a cafe, I had identified earlier. I had read the menu del dia and presumed that it was offered in the evening as well. No that menu ends at 4:30 and after that it’s just bar food – sigh!

I settled for a hamburger and 3 glasses of wine -“hamburger helper(s).” Still it was a lovely- almost balmy – evening. I was sitting outside by a charming old monastery. It was quiet. The busy-ness of the day had settled down and I just watched the light fade into dusk.

I was a short walk to the hostel, which was quiet as well. I wasn’t tired, as the walk today was just 13kms. Tomorrow, I will have to walk 20kms to Pontevedra, if I’m to be on track for arriving in Santiago on Sunday afternoon.

There haven’t been many English speaking people in the hostels. I did chat with a retired person from the US, who lives now in Ft. Myers’s, FL. He calls it “Paradise.” Having gone to Sanibel/Captiva (just over the bridge from Ft. Myers) often, I question the sanity of anyone calling Ft. Myers paradise.

Looking Back to Vigo

He did manage to squeeze into the conversation that he had just finished a cruise from Cape Town to Barcelona and was now doing the Portuguese Coastal Camino from Porto, because, he had done the Frances last year. Fortunately it was a brief conversation.

The other English speakers were a couple from Oklahoma, who had six children and a slew of grandchildren. They looked to be in their early 60s. However, they were struggling with the distances logging at times only 10kms per day, with blisters.

There really is an amazing cross-section of people walking the Camino.

Buen Camino

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