Camino #53 – Padron

Today I walked 22kms. I had planned to walk just 15, but the hostel, I was hoping to book for the night was no where to be found. I had to press on. There were ascents, but they were more gradual. The challenge with this walk was the loose stones going down hill. I’m averaging about 2.5-3.0kms per hour. If my balance were better, I’d be OK. However the fear of falling is always there.

Martine passed me a number of times and stopped to chat. She would then stop for lunch and pass me again. It was lovely meeting a friend along the way.

Twenty-two kms brought me to Padron. The first pensione I came to was full. I panicked a little. What if there was nothing available? It was Friday and people do go away for the weekend. Fortunately, the second place I found had a lower bunk in a room for four, although there was only myself and a woman from Holland staying in the room. Did I mention that the room was on the third floor – 52 steps up after a 22km walk – whew!

I arrived about 3:00pm and was too tired to eat. Since the restaurants stop serving about 4:00 and open again at 8:00, I was in a bit of a bind for dinner. I settled on a yogurt I bought in a small grocery store, which had opened again after siesta. Even the tourist office was closed for siesta.

Because I’m such an anomaly on the trail – age, size, speed – people remember me and wave to me when I’m walking around the town. I don’t remember them and it is a little embarrassing. Now I know how Shirley MacLain must have felt 🙂

I’m booked into another hostel for Saturday night and then, if all goes well, I will have a 12-15km walk into Santiago tomorrow, where my hotel is booked.

Buen Camino

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