Camino#29 – Nerd Alert

OK, yesterday I spent most of the day trying to link the off-line writing app – Notions – to my WordPress editing app with nothing but frustration after 4 hours of clicking, poking, slipping and sliding!!. Fortunately, I will put all the headaches down to “brain exercises” and hope that for all my wasted time, I have at least created a new neuron or two.

As always, just before I had to stop everything and make dinner, I thought, “Maybe I can just use my WP app off-line to write my posts and then go on-line later to publish them.” Eureka! it worked. I don’t need Notions, I don’t need the plugin to link Notions to WP (which doesn’t work) and I can work in Airplane mode until I find wifi and publish to my site.

Of course, as I can never leave well enough alone, I wrote a book review and tried to link that page to my “Book Review” page. I then spent until midnight trying to capture a URL and insert it into a page link icon. Nothing worked. However, today at noon, after reading between the lines of many google searches, I found a graphic that showed me that I didn’t have to capture a url, I just had to type in the title of the page. It worked.

Wonderful!! So now I can clean my kitchen floor – I can hardly wait.

As an aside, someone needs to write a play with people exchanging text using auto correct, with a sub-plot of people reading through (and reading between the lines of) instructions from google searches. Not to mention a spate of hilarious text exchanges which could be incorporated as needed.

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