Camino#30 – On A Roll

The tendinitis has eased somewhat. The area is still tender, but I gradually walked my way up to 18 kms with a 7lb pack. It has helped that the weather has been amazing – sunny and not too cold. In fact I was tempted to do another loop through the cemetery and log another 4kms after my second walk. I would then have completed 22kms for the day.

I decided not to push myself, since I actually needed water and hadn’t packed my container because full it weighs 1.5lbs. I will now add this to my pack weight and try for 22kms the next time I walk. In the meantime, I had orders at work and the weather had turned cold so I took some time off, went to work, returned some gear I didn’t need and found a money belt that goes under my shirt. It will hold my extra credit card and my back up cash. It screams neon pink, so I will have to wear it under something black – whatever were they thinking!!

I continue to read and review books on the Camino. I have just finished my 22nd book – North To Santiago – I loved it. Saturday I will attend my second Toronto pilgrim’s meeting. In fact I will be helping at a booth manned by the woman who hosts the FB group – WOACA – Woman of a Certain Age walking the Camino. She will be selling WOACA badges and her book, “I heard The Camino’s Call,” a compilation of stories from woman who have walked the Camino. It sounds like fun.

Etsy Camino Badge

I have started Duolingo in spite of their addiction to AI. It’s easy and I don’t have the time to look for another APP and endure a difficult learning curve. The time is getting closer….and I am almost ready. I did find my mother’s rosary, which I will take with me and say a decade or two, in the churches I visit to add a more spiritual aspect to my walk. My sister-in-law suggested that I light candles in churches as well. This is a good idea because when I found all my European coin I realized that it weighed a ton. I will be happy to lighten my load and my heart with some thoughtful meditation beside votive candles along the way.

Yesterday, I went for lunch with a friend and she asked whether I was having second thoughts. “Yes, I have to admit that I do have some anxiety,” I said, “but I refuse to dwell on negatives.” Years ago when I first left Canada for England, I had planned to go with a friend. Unfortunately my friend cancelled at the last minute and I was faced with either cancelling the entire trip or going on my own. I confided in a colleague that I was terrified. She said, “When you think about it, you’re really only six hours from home.” I’ve never forgotten this. Just boil everything down to the basics. Put one foot in front of the other. Ask for help and the universe will provide.

Buen Camino

PS. Did I mention that I ended up staying in London for 2 years, living with 4 other English girls, teaching as a supply teacher in a number of schools there and travelling extensively on the continent. My friend got married. We’re still in touch!!

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