Camino #39 – Dinner at Vila Cha

Vila Cha is a small town, with very little commerce. Fishing seems to be by individual fishermen or small families. There are two restaurants and a small, very small grocery shop. It was really just the front room of their house.

The hostel is lovely – 18 beds in bunk bed style. There is a kitchen, very clean bathrooms and a large outdoor sitting area, where you could wash and dry clothes. All for 10euros a night.

After our very reasonable dinner in Matosinhos, Catherine, Corinna and I splurged on a 30euro each dinner of salad, charcoal grilled fish with clams and French fries, plus a glass of wine and a lovely dessert.


Corinna is in a choir in Holland and has learned a Portuguese song which, she sings often when she has an audience. There are people crazier than me out there. It was an amazing evening to top off a day of sunshine.

Bom Caminho

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